Ask @FrogTheAnivia:

Whats do you think about the koreans after you scrimmed them?

They are always on time, they join the lobby after a game instantly (win or lose) The effectiveness of scrimming hours are really insane compared to europe, in 1 scrimming section we can play twice as much as we can with the same time in europe.
The teams themselves always try to comeback and they have a good idea of what to do, all the teams have good vision control and buy a lot of pink wards, the difference between europe and korea is pretty big judging at the scrims.

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Do you prefer c9 or tsm? I honestly prefer c9, just because of their rotations, but I will say that Loco is a god for what he has done with tsm. Your thoughts?

I prefer c9 because I've learned a lot from their play. But i feel like I will learn a lot from TSM at worlds though. I think TSM will be even better than now and locodoco has had a big impact for sure. I don't really care which western team will do the best at best at worlds i just hope somebody shows the korean teams aren't unbeatable

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As a professional gamer, how much sparetime do you have (say per week), and do you have any time for girlfriends/boyfriends?

It depends how dedicated pro gamers and the teams wanna be. For our team we mostly have the day after LCS play days off and the rest of the days we practise from 15:00-18:00 + 19:00-22:00 and soloq before/after scrims and everybody is fine with that. If the team wants 1 night off because they are not feeling well then that's pretty normal too. For days we play LCS we warmup/scrim for 2 hours with the champions we expect to get and then we are ready to play. So yea, freetime is really up to how we feel in the team.

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which season have you enjoyed playing the most? Like season 1,2,3 ect

Season 2 was by far the most fun, not because of results but because I got to try a lot of different soloq ladders. (NA/Garena/KR/EUW) Korea was the most fun (and best) out of the ladders and I litterally spent my days playing soloq 24/7 if we weren't scrimming. Just to compare how much I played, yellowpete was the guy with 2nd most soloq games played. I think I had double his games if memory serves correctly (of the CLG.EU boys!)

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why do u think EU produce (educate) the best midlaners (you, Bjerg....)

I think the way EU teams plays the game just makes the mid shine the most, less now than before. I think KR had as good mids as EU since s2. They just won because of working together rather than the mid trying to outplay the opponent and creating advantages. If you look at SK nobody really talks about jesiz but he always does what he needs to on SK.

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