Ask @FrogTheAnivia:

I just saw your anivia in Korea solo q, do you feel like you've gotten much worse on her ? You were missing a lot of skills..

I haven't played her a lot for a long time because I've been spending time playing other champions. It's generally hard to hit spells with anivia because there's a lot more wards in korea and everybody plays with 8-20ping and they have pretty good reactions so it's easy to dodge the abilities. In teamfights/clutch situations I hit pretty much all my skillshots though.

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Whats do you think about the koreans after you scrimmed them?

They are always on time, they join the lobby after a game instantly (win or lose) The effectiveness of scrimming hours are really insane compared to europe, in 1 scrimming section we can play twice as much as we can with the same time in europe.
The teams themselves always try to comeback and they have a good idea of what to do, all the teams have good vision control and buy a lot of pink wards, the difference between europe and korea is pretty big judging at the scrims.

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Do you prefer c9 or tsm? I honestly prefer c9, just because of their rotations, but I will say that Loco is a god for what he has done with tsm. Your thoughts?

I prefer c9 because I've learned a lot from their play. But i feel like I will learn a lot from TSM at worlds though. I think TSM will be even better than now and locodoco has had a big impact for sure. I don't really care which western team will do the best at best at worlds i just hope somebody shows the korean teams aren't unbeatable

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