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do u like to watch a lot of horror movies on Halloween?

I barely watch any horror movies nowadays (including Halloween)

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Have you??? ever stolen anything?

Not exactly, it was accidental bc when I was visiting Turkey, I found these amazing sandals I wanted to get and I ran out of the store with them just to show my mom (standing outside) then a ringing noise came from the store indicating that I “stole” something.

If something happens to you who's your "go-to" person to tell, someone you trust ?

Idk bc I'm rarely that close to anyone, but if something did happen I generally go to my mom for advice and help

Do you think someone likes you and if you know for a fact they do , do you like them back????

I don't think anyone likes me for now

Whats the last movie you watched?

Idk what it was called bc me, my mom and my brother went to go see infinity wars in the movie theaters but we didn’t like it so we decided to go watch another movie and I never knew the name?(bc we j watched the movie and left never checking the name of it)

what keeps you up when you're upset?

When someone shows me that they r their for me no matter what, and when someone reminds me that everything will get better?

which one of your friends has birthday soon? how are you going o congratulate them?

well, one of my friends birthday is on July 15 (obvi during summer), I'm planing on congratulating them by simply saying happy birthday bc their all the way in Texas and I miss them sm

Something you really miss nowadays ?

how I used to go to sleepovers during the weekends, but now we don't have sleepovers anymore because me and my friends have drifted apart after 8th grade. (btw they didn't go to my school)

What are you looking forward to this year?

Well, to start off with I want to go to California during summer break, then when school starts I want to become a better me and make improvements on my life(grades, friends, responsibilities, etc...) :)

Are you the type of person with lots of friends or just a few close ones?

just a few close ones bc I don't trust too many ppl


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