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Do you like electric dance music?

I usually don’t listen to that genre but anything that gives off positive vibes and makes a person feel more relaxed attracts my attention so yes, I do.

So my boyfriend has a thirteen year old daughter and they talk to each other like buddies they cuss all the time and he isn’t a good influence he encourages bad attitude and I don’t know how to approach him or say something ? Like she’s 13 years old and shouldn’t even know certain things… ??

Yes I understand your POV and am aware that you can’t change your boyfriend but you can try to encourage him to hold off on saying certain things that are too inappropriate for a 13 year old to know and hear about. Be the better influence she needs and spend more time with her if you really care about her and have the time. She might end up looking up to you and being influenced positively by you if you’re willing to be a good role model.

Have you been experiencing nothing but funny vibes since the middle of September ?

No, just feeling not my best without the one person that I think about on a daily basis while also being aware that it’s best if I don’t reach out to them, knowing that their friends don’t like me which makes me believe that they themselves don’t like me either 😔

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Are you afraid of Chucky? (chucky the doll) 👻 I always have been ngl 😅

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I was when I was younger, especially after learning that a doll could harbor evil spirits but as I grew older I started fearing the things that are more tangible rather than spiritual so now it doesn’t scare me as much. I’m more afraid of the horrors in this world that you can visibly see nowadays but watching all the horror/thriller movies that I’ve watched so far, I’m not as scared anymore :)

If your significant other gave you a guilt free pass to f*ck anybody, would you use it?

I wouldn’t be with someone like that in the first place, I wouldn’t be interested in being intimate with anyone else but him, and God is always watching so despite never being willing or open to do that, it’s a big sin to do that in the religion that I follow so definitely not.

Sometimes, why do you get a partner just to fill a void in your life?

People usually don’t have a partner/get into relationships to fill a void in their life and if they do, they most likely shouldn’t be in a relationship and instead, they should look for ways to fill the void in their life on their own without relying on anyone else to do it for them. It’s important to be content on your own so that you don’t look for happiness in others or search for someone who makes you complete because it’s no one else’s job to make you complete but your own.

Why would a guy avoid me now that he’s in a relationship when nothing happened between us?

Maybe he doesn’t want his partner to think that he’s interested in you as more than an acquaintance or a friend and is avoiding you to avoid having a misunderstanding possibly happen. If he really cared to interact with you, he would’ve and his avoidance indicates that he’d rather not. The only way you might find out the real reason behind why he’s avoiding you is by approaching him and trying to talk to him, if he doesn’t want to talk and continues to avoid you afterwards, just let him be :)

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He didn’t make me bleed,so I’m still a virgin.I don’t care what anyone says.Penetration doesn’t mean sh*t.He never made me bleed once,therefore he doesn’t count as anything.

This is one of the most disgusting and revolting things I’ve ever read in my entire life… so basically what you’re saying is that he isn’t even a human being? It doesn’t make sense as to why you think you have to be bleeding while doing it to “lose your virginity”. How embarrassing for you.

Do you think you will regret not having children?

I don’t think I’m good with kids nor am I a fan of them but I might regret not having any later on in the future when I grow old and want someone to come visit me once in a while. But I’m still very young so I don’t find it necessary to consider having kids at this point in time when I don’t even have a partner.

Why does my teenage niece act so bitchy all the time?

It’s definitely the hormones since I myself couldn’t recognize who I turned into once I started middle school until I was later put on antidepressants which oddly calmed me down and helped me become more self aware when before, I would always take out my anger at home and my parents had to put up with me and my mood swings for quite some time.
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Why is it you can always be there for someone unconditionally and they never give you any credit for it?

Perhaps they haven’t expected you to realize, they consider you as a close friend/family and that’s why they haven’t gave you credit or they’re ungrateful. Don’t assume why they haven’t given you credit yet and instead, don’t have expectations from them and try to make the most out of the time you spend with them. Maybe talking about how you feel unappreciated might help if this is really bothering you tho.

Why are “men” suddenly interested in me, once I’m in a relationship? That is really weird😕

They most likely see it as a competition between themselves and the person you’re in a relationship with. It’s best to stay away from those who only ever seem interested in you once you’ve decided to settle down with someone, reminding yourself that if they were genuinely interested, they would’ve shown interest before you got into a relationship.

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What do you think when you notice strange vibes from people but you can think of no reason why they should be acting strange with you?

I think that there must be a subconscious reason as to why I’m receiving “strange” vibes from them or why something feels off and I’ll try to get to the bottom of it if I’m in a situation where I have to see them on a regular basis while also keeping my distance from them in the meantime. My gut feeling knows what’s best for me more often than not so I will go with that rather than ignoring how I feel about them.


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