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Something u wrote?

Ahzam Rasul
I have been waiting since my birth
I wonder what God has planned for me
I have been dying to meet u
One day you came into my life
Like a body need a soul to be alive
Like bees need flower to make honey
The sole purpose of ur life
Is to create a light in my life
Garden of my heart
Needed an enchantment
U filled up my heart with beauty
Flowers started to bloom again
Two imperfect souls
Love to create perfection in each other
Your heart and my heart
Know each other before
We even send to this world
We are born to create a world
Of our own imperfections
We met to create these world
A place of love and beauty
You matter a lot to me
Like we need air to breathe

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What do you wish you could remember more clearly?

یشفین خٹک
Imagine being someone's muse. They love you and write poetry about you. They write poetry about how beautiful your eyes are, how your lips curve into a smile, how they love it when strands of hair fall on your face. Even a 100 words to describe every disposition every tiny detail of yours would be less because they love you. just imagine. How beautiful would that be.....

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Drop your favourite lyrics 🎶

When you say that you love me
I walk above the clouds
Tell me about eternity just one more time.
When you say that you love me
All I need is that one phrase
That you’ll never change, just one more time.
You're like the whole world to me
Hug me harder and more painfully
That something that we shared
And you can’t make it nothing
I hope you don’t forget
That you’re my.
Day by day
Summer, winter
Even if you don’t know
You got the best of me

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