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Awww hey bestfriend i miss you its camera but anyway i dont know if you stole the phone or not just glad she found it but dont worry hell i know you not scared but you should not even be commenting to the annoying questions its stupid but love you cant wait to you get back !!!

Aww i miss you to camera, and trust me i didnt lol you know me to good what i gotta be scared of? Love you too ill be back next friday and yea imma stop entertaining them questions
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What do you think about teyannaaa

Haha I don't know her personally , but she's cute , cute lol she could say hi to me sometime , she should hmu sometime , since she's a youngin :)
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How have your life experiences changed you?

It's hard to trust a girl , don't give money to girls , it's cool to have a big dick. Lol
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