Ask @Furoid:

How many phobias can you name just by memory? Give us the list please.

Achluophobia, Arachnophobia, Anthrophobia, Anthropophobia, Catapedaphobia, Thalassophobia, Myctophobia, Nyctophobia, Caulrophobia, Hippopotomonstrousequipedaliophobia, Pyrophobia, Melissophobia, Zoophobia (?), Hydrophobia, Hemophobia, Aglophobia(?), Algophobia, Numerophobia, Phobophobia, Polyphobia, Aerophobia, Thanophobia, Zeusphobia, Necrophobia, Sociophobia, Angoraphobia, Heterophobia, Pedophobia, Hexaphobia, Ailurophobia, Cleptophobia, Kaleidophobia, Claustrophobia, Cleithrophobia, Snakephobia, Telephobia (?), Chronophobia (?), Kronosphobia (?), Achillesphobia (?), Chromaphobia (?), Microphobia. There was also another one I was gonna write down, but then I forgot it before I could write it. Well I know some more, but I can’t remember them right now in the moment as I write this.
And yes, I also know which fears the phobias are connected to. Why would I learn the names and not know anything about them, that would just be lame. I think most of them are very obvious to guess. Also I am not sure if I spelled them all correctly, hence if some of them even exist. But yes the longest one does exist and the fear it symbolizes is very ironic for its name.

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