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Aku ada kenalan sama this guy.. we texted daily for almost 2 months then suddenly ya tiba tiba hilang. Inda lagi mentext. Any idea why? He told me ya inda kn hilang apa but yeah. Setahun sudah.

ada reason nya tu. he met someone else. or someone dri past nya yg dtg blik (yg special for him). or was just using u?

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Exam season for colleges and universities are near! Goodluck everyone, here’s my question. How do you study? With music or without? Rewriting your notes or ?

i have two situations. nda plg too bising. tapi mesti ada bunyi atleast. like bunyi aircond kah l=kipas kah, radio bebuka sikit kh(nda nyaring,can distract me as well if nyaring) or bunyi org bckpsikit mcm di kelas.
rewrite notes atu inda,but if i have extra time like banar2 bnyk masa, ada kli will highlight or buat notes sikit.

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Is it possible mencari lelaki yang pure? Nada pernah bersigup or vape. It's kinda hard to find one nowdays. I'm tired of relationships. Just want to do the halal way. I'm a bit jelous dengar cerita my friends yang her husaband never been with a girl before. Which is kinda cute? 26 and still single

possible atu possible inshaAllah. but kdg bukan plg us yang have to mencari. let it come sendiri. be the gold u are. be the one yg payah to dapat. bukn plg ter iya iya kn mau u get me? inshaAllah ada tu krg..
atu ur fren alhamdulillah la aa rezeki nya kna takdirkn w someone yg catu. but tni jgn down juaa. tani mesti ambil positive nyaa. if lets say takdir tni dgn someone yg bad personality nya. we try to change it sbb kdg Allah sent us the person to us is for us to change them, tanpa disedari. untuk buka hati durang. kdg apa yg tni rasa is right, apa yg tani mau atu plg nda Allah bgi,boleh saja atu nda baik for us. and yg nda baik ulahnya kdg baik for tni.. bcause we do not know what will happen nxt. boleh saja ya berubah n mnjadi lbih baik di sisi Allah. doesnt mean ya ada bad personality ya nda baik. but a bad past can create a better future.

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How do you handle/overcome your stress?

tbh im bad at it. but when im okay,i'll try to relax my mind abit if ada masa i try to take my time by jalan2 with fam, having a good time w them, bawa shopping,bawa makan, bawa go to beautiful places. like,enjoy them. enjoy the moment. and most important, do the things that make u happy. like me, i like to jalan,plan what i wanna do for that day/upcoming days. and most important suka makan/go to cafes/beli desserts/coffees.

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Do u guys have any inspirational quotes that keeps yourself motivated ? If yes whats the quote...if no thats okay haha :")

yg first ani kinda cliche but,
لا يكلف الله نفسا إلا وسعها
Allah wont test his hamba di luar kemampuannya
لو كان خيرا لبقى
if its good it wouldve stayed
i have lagi but at the moment cant think much sorzz

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