>Akagami | Not him, but what's the deal with S2 at the moment? Not trying to be hostile either, I don't mind waiting, I'm just wondering what happens when a show is stalled to that extent. Just a lower priority for the staff working on it? Or just Soon™ / whenever it's ready because people are busy?

It's mostly at Fomalhaut right now, but he's settling into a new job at the mo, so his time home is mostly spent feeling too dead for anything even close to fansubbing.
I mean, we're doing it, it's just gonna be a matter of it being done when it's done.
I don't mind people asking respectfully, it's the people who post on the website acting all entitled who end up getting deleted and banned.
tl;dr: Done when it's done, don't be afraid to ask as long as you aren't being shitty about it.