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I fall in love with you more and more everytime you twerk and the no bra thing actually stood out to me I dont know why these other hoes hating (and im a girl)

😍😍😍 awwww and right i mean is ee nothing wrong with it

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this my last one. If by some chance i were to ever be with you, i would dedicate everyday to makin you happy, and keep you smiling. You deserve to be treated like the beautiful queen you are. I dont know you, but if i did i would do everything in my power to get with you and keep you in my life ;)

xavier jones

Its not a question, but i just wanted to tell you, you are amazingly beautiful. I've never seen someone as good lookin as you. And dont let these anonymous thots get to you. They just hating bc they aint you ;)

😅💋 thank you

smh. that video u just posted. u don't need to be twerking for da gram u need to find ya daddy nd he need to beat ya lil thottie ass 4 twerking for da gram jus 2 get likes

Idgaf lmaooooo and you are ???

If your IG name is NoSexZone then why do you post pictures showing skin and your body making it seem like you do?

Tffff why the hell does it matter to you ???

You are beautiful i see you around school i think you be smiling at me but i dont know and i have a gf so when you smile i just look away so i dont get myself in trouble

awwwww lol

Tbh your fine as fuck and I have had a crush on you for the longest

awww thanks reveal your self never be scared of rejection


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