Ask @GAdams76:

What teacher in school made the most impact on you and why?

My history teacher. Cause he expected the same out of everybody. He treated everybody the same. He didn't care if you were a football player or a cheerleader or just the average student. He expected the same out of all of the students. He cared about the students.

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Do u think it is inappropriate for someone in a serious relationship to go to a frat party (one thier s.o. can't go to) without thier s.o. or at least go even tho they know it really bothers thier s.o?

If they trust their s.o I don't see a problem. Yes it is the others there that may be not so trustworthy but if you can't trust them then why be in the relationship? I trust my husband fully and he trusts me. We have never gave the other a reason not to. But then again we don't go to gatherings where there is alcohol involved.

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