Do you think you'd enjoy a job working as a Traffic Warden? - Getting out in the fresh air, interacting with the general public, and the satisfaction of putting to right the wrongs of people who think the rules don't apply to them?? 😬😁

No, I think it would be a shit job with constant confrontation.

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Do you think in a certain light it would have been exciting to be aboard a ship in the 16 or 1700's that was engaged in naval warfare? Aka, closed range battle where a number of ships would fire multiple cannons at each other from gunports built in to the broadside of ships?? :o

I think it would be absolutely horrifying.

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Have you ever been to see a film at the cinema and attempted to stay in your seat at the end so as not to miss any in/end credit extra scenes that movie makers have a tendency to throw in? If so was this rather unorthodox act met with hostility from other cinema goers trying to get past you?? :o

It has become normal, so no longer offends.

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