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What is the most important lesson you’ve learned in life?

Ask me again on my deathbed.

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On a scale of 1 to 10 how “cool” are you?


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What problems did you have in school?

Bullying, a massive difficulty with non-English languages, boredom.

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What's more important - inner or outer beauty?

I'm not sure, but that is a rakishly fetching spleen.

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If you could own an exotic pet, what would you choose?

An arctic fox.

Or a human :P

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Do you ever try on expensive clothes that you can't afford just so as you can take fitting room selfies of you wearing them to go on your Instagram?? :$

No. I hate trying on clothes.

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What charity would you start?

the Campaign for the Liberation and Unification of Naughty Girls in England.

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Which book has made you laugh aloud?

How to be a Superhero.

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Do you play any board games at all & if so which ones? :o BQ: Is there still even a place for board games in this modern age of video & online gaming or have they had their time now??

Boardgames are doing better than ever and I play too wide a variety - though not often enough - to mention.

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Scenario: Your friends persuade you to break into an empty mansion for a night of fun but you are disturbed by the groundskeeper who you accidentally push down the stairs & kill whilst trying to run away... Your friends want to concoct a story to shift the blame on him - do you go along with it?? :o

I would admit to the crime but rely on their guilt and honesty to have them admit to it.

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If you were given the chance to appear in a recreation of the iconic 'Lunch atop a Skyscraper' photo from 1932, which would involve you sitting on a cross-beam with your feet dangling 840 feet above the New York streets whilst casually eating lunch would you be up for it or do you not like heights??

I can't effin' stand heights.

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What has life taught you so far?

You can't win, so don't try.

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What are your views on the 'Superman incident' in 2013? Superman apologists claim that General Zod was responsible for the deaths & destruction that occurred in downtown Metropolis but didn't Superman charge Zod straight through a high rise building? :o Shouldn't he be held accountable for his part?

The question is HOW do you hold such a being accountable?

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Why wasn't Gor able to get into distribution?


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What are your thoughts on British people and that very special relationship they have with alcohol? :o

Fugg you an' your shtupid questions ya wanger

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If soulless Angel gets to be forgiven for all his sins shouldn't soulless Spike be forgiven for his too? I know many can't get passed the Spike trying to r*pe Buffy thing but isn't Spike the better vampire because he CHOSE to get his soul back whilst Angel was cursed his back by gypsies??

Spike's cooler, so he should win all the things.

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What's the funniest surname you have ever seen?


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Scenario: You're an infantry soldier for the Lanister army in the fight for the seven Kingdoms when 1 day an opponent like no other marches on you - a horde of Dothraki savages AND a great big fire breathing DRAGON!! :o Do you obey your Commander's orders to hold the line & fight or turn & run??

I don't think you can run fast enough to get away from a dragon, so I'd have to stand and fight.

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Do you think working with dead bodies at, say, a mortuary or Undertaker's would be a fascinating job? :o Like, would it put your own existence into perspective seeing that we're all just sacks of bones, blood, water, & strange looking organs held together by flesh??

It could be fascinating, but I think it messes you up or makes you strange - at least that's what I saw from people I have known who worked in them.

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Have you ever been to a wine tasting event before? What's the secret to sampling as many fine wines as possible WITHOUT getting drunk?? :o

Wine makes me sick. I've never understood the appeal of rotten grape juice.

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If you could pack your bags and go on holiday to a destination of your choosing right now where would you choose??

Somewhere in the general scandiwegian area.

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Would you rather date a person, who is a great cook or a great masseur/masseuse?


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Has Gor sold enough to justify itself? Should you have bothered?

Yes it has. Hurt by not being able to get into distribution of course, but it has more than justified itself and continues to sell reasonably strongly.

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What was the last picture you took with your phone?

*Quietly deletes it*

Um, nothing...

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First ten things.
1. Nobody was killed by Gamergate. 'Survivor' is absurd hyperbole.
2. Gamergate weren't trolls.
3. She's not a fucking cyborg.
4. She was the abuser in the relationship and, by her own standards, a rapist. Self admitted.
5. Gamergate wasn't about her relationship. It wasn't really even about her, but about much larger issues of corruption, politicisation, nepotism and censorship.
6. It wasn't about a 'review', but positive coverage (and this was only the start).
7. The issue isn't 'gender inequalities' but the pushing of narratives and false accusations of sexism and misogyny (this would go on to be amply illustrated during Gamergate with it being blamed for non-existent sexism and misogyny).
8. Article mixes trolls with Gamergate without distinction.
9. It still wasn't about her relationship (though perhaps some of it should have been) but about corruption and censorship. The Gamers Are Dead articles are much more important than Quinn.
10. GG was never right wing.

And I'm not even 1/10th of the way through the article.

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