Ask @GRYFF1ND0R12:

So I ask my old crush friend about a test and I regret that because he's friends with my old crush who knew I like him years ago and I regret asking because of that. Do you you think I shouldn't have done that?

No you did what you did it’s not a big deal unless... you still have feelings for your crush but still it doesn’t make it wrong to talk to his friend

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Do you recognize love Or think it is just a trivial thing (Bring out all that is in your heart please)

kenjestki avocado
Love annoys me, it’s something that’s there but impossible to find, I like someone and scientists say that if u luv someone for more than 6 months it’s luv but he is annoying me cuz he always asks me questions and so does his friends. I can see when there is luv but it never ever happens for me. UGhhGHhGhhG

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