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lmao I just read all your questions, SUCKS TO SUCK. All those things you said about Angel, and look where you are now. You're very naive and inexperienced sir, I hope you've learned a lot about what love actually is.

Lol you're not wrong at all. I know that, but I'm learning from each relationship/mistake I make. I think I've become a more mature person as a whole. Everyone has their own view as to what love is; it's just being with someone that can truly make you happy, and stay with you throughout the tough times.
Anyway, thanks for your opinion!

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What would you say is your most hated feeling?

Hmm, that's a pretty good question.
Something I still deal with 'till this day is remorse. I really messed up a while ago, and I let someone slip. I took her for granted. Sometimes I wonder if there was anything I could have done to make things better, but I just don't know. I still dream about her. I guess that means I'm still in love with a person that resents me? Yeah, that would be my most hated feeling.

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seriously right after your breakup with Angel? Most people wait a month or something not like a week or two. I understand moving on but that's really quick as if you planned on it bro.

I know exactly who this is, and it's kind of funny.
You think I planned it? You think I wanted what happened? Getting dumped by someone I loved? That goes to show you how ignorant you really are.

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