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Something you miss...

ShonaSans’s Profile PhotoSana Ansari
What i miss ?
I miss my familly from my country
I miss my friends
I miss every shit , funny things I made in my country
I miss to travel
I miss that feeling that I’m back home
I miss that moments spendind time with my friends talking about fottball , cars , girls and future plans !
I miss every fucking stuff ,and I miss that fucking feeling that finally I’m happy that I’m back where I belong!

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Was würdest du tun, wenn heute dein letzter Tag auf der Welt wäre?

Ich würde mich bei den Leuten entschuldigen, denen ich Unrecht getan habe
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Ich weiß nicht .. Ich mag nur chinesische und italienische Restaurants .. Aber ich habe keinen Favoriten

Is love complicated? Why?

Because many people risk for love . Many people trust in love , and many suffer from that . Because you put your heart in the game, you offer everything , but that person will play with your feelings...
And in the final he / she will leave you
Love sometimes is blind


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