Ask @GabrielaCortes673:

If u love someone and it has been almost one year and they r changing with u ? Is that a bad sign? Or it’s normal?

It’s the worst sign. Going through that right now. They change, they get distant, you are suddenly not important, there’s barely any time for you. They don’t call anymore, you find yourself starting the conversations and trying to keep them because if not you wouldn’t talk at all. But fight, tell them you need them, try to fix things. If in the end, it gets worse, well my dear, move on.

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What is your biggest fear ?

Biggest fear is for my bestfriend to leave me💔 I’ve lost so many people, and I do feel like I’ve been losing her, but if I ever lose her completely I’ll lose myself. She’s my person, my soulmate, my everything, I fear that if I lose her, I’ll lose everything. She’s like the most important person in my life, she’s my heart, I really can’t bear to lose her😭💔

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What age should you start having children ?

Not at an age in which you are still a kid, nowadays it’s just kids raising kids. You should start having kids at the age in which you have a car, a good and stable home & job. At an age where you will be ready to give up going out, f-ing around with different people & start being responsible and mature. At an age in which you are a responsible adult and know you’ll be a responsible parent, at that age you should start having kids.

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Always wanted to lose my virginity to someone I care about but I’m in my twenties and debating if I should lose it to someone meaningless . What do you think?

I have been there many times. Sometimes I feel like I should just get it over with. Just do it with some stranger, like I’m very insecure about my body I’m not comfortable being naked in-front of others (no matter if it’s a girl or boy, or even my mom) I just cant be naked, I cant show my naked body to someone else. I feel like it’s ugly and they wont like it and I dont want to embarrass myself. So I get this thought of doing it with a stranger and if they don’t like it, they dont like my body, I can just move on. Forget it, and he wont be in my life so I can just run away And I wont see them ever again. If I do it with someone I got feelings for, and they dont like my body, they are probably going to leave me. Or I’ll feel so embarrassed Idk, so Like I’m in the same situation but then I think of all the things that could happen if I do it with a stranger. Like I could get STDs or STIs. I could regret it right after. Hell I could even regret it at the very last minute and say no and what if they dont stop? I could seriously get raped... I could get pregnant with some stranger’s baby. Or They could hurt me, they could act like I’ve had sex many times and not be careful or treat me right. Lots of bad things can happen so maybe it’s not the best idea to lose your virginity with a Stranger.

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do you really believe you’re intelligent? why?

I don’t believe I’m intelligent. People around me say I am. I believe I had a pretty good memory. I don’t even study for my tests. Not to brag, but If I study I fail. I try to remember everything and feel like I’m gonna forget something so I focus on remembering a part and end up forgetting the other part and at the end I just fail. I read a question for example, lets say I’m taking a test in Biology and I read a question and the image of the teacher saying the answer comes to my mind. Like I literally remember the day and exact moment where I heard the teacher talking about it. Or I remember reading about it. I just have a pretty good memory. I don’t know if that makes me intelligent or what.

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