Ask @GabrielaCortes673:

“Pray to Allaah and be confident of a response.” .. Islam is the truth ..

I respect your religion, even two of my bestfriends are Muslim, hope you have a nice eid. But Not everyone respects or believe in your religion, and making a shout out telling people to pray to Allah and saying Islam is the truth, it really isnt the best thing. You might get a couple of hateful or mean comments

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How to eat to lost weight??

Eat healthy, more veggies, more fruits, less fats, less candy, eat less portions, more times. What I mean is that instead of eating breakfast/lunch/dinner and eating alot each time, three times a day I mean, eat kore, eat lioe 6 times a day. But in small portions, and eat snacks during the day(heaLthy snacks) and drink lots of water, get enough sleep, dont eat at or after 9pm, dont skip breakfast, etc etc

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What does it mean to be a human being?

To love to hate to live to die to feel to experience to reason to conceive to imagine to think to create to make to work to rest to dream to achieve to build to destroy to gain to lose to buy to sell to speak to listen to trust to lie to walk to swim to understand to doubt to mean to harm to help to practice to study to be someone.

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