Ask @GabrielleElenbaas:

Do you believe people can be changed?

Only if they want to change or allow change. Like if you stay somewhere because you're comfortable then its up to you to allow yourself to change where you are. Whether it makes things better or worse depends on the circumstances that different people go through. Regardless change from a person can only happen if they allow it themselves 🌹

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Are you a forgiving person?

I think so. I try to be understanding even when its difficult. I think it's just really important to try to understand others and show love to others. Thats what life is about. Love. So basically yes. I think all things (even the most difficult or the ones where people never gave a sincere apology) can be forgiven. Imo it's better than carrying around a grudge but situations/people differ 🌹

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What did you dream about last night?

I was at my old high school and i had to go into this room to get my stuff. They were taking finals but i already graduated (i dont even know why i was there lol). Anyways i got this sucker for some reason and grabbed my bag, some water, and a hairtie from the desk. Then I left with my mom and best friend to go somewhere. Thats all i remember tho lol 🌹

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