Ask @Gaikwadved:

You are so fucking hot😍you are completely boyfriend goals 🙈i wish you were my boyfriend 😭harshita is so damm lucky to have you😭😭i hope you guys get separate asap😍😍then you will be mine forever ❤️👑

Happy 11 months anniversary baby ❤️🌏
You be the bestest girlfriend a guy can have❤️
I am lucky to have you
Together forever honey❤️
I love you❤️🌏💍

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Hahaha i can write a whole book on you😂😂
You be the best girlfriend a guy can have😭❤️
U have a pretty smile and you are cute af😍
U are lucky to have me as your boyfriend 😂😂
Meko pareshan karna tu kaamm kar😂😂
Time spend with you is unforgettable 😍😍and i want that forever ❤️
You are mine ❤️
I hope we wont ever get separate 🙈
I love you alot jaan❤️🌏

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