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What was the last time you were angry? What happened?

dammit ask.fm get your autogen questions right (when*) lel
About 6 hours ago. Tetris Battle. Rage-inducing game thanks to input delay.

can you please tell the story of the green sweater

It started off with @Dusky_Fox furry bombing me on Twitter for the 3rd time. I wasn't disgusted since I saw it coming, but then it eventually turned into an inside joke. But then, I thought it would make a great shock image for my friends at a sleepover, so I waited until a sleepover. Brought my camcorder with me to record a couple of cinnamon challenge videos, then I told them about the green hoodie. One of the first things they asked me is if it was porn. I told them it was an optical illusion, and they actually bought that response. Nevertheless, I find the tweet on my friend's laptop and started recording. Ultimately, they did not expect it. They kicked me out afterwards, but as soon as I stopped recording, I got in again easily because they left the key outside.
tl;dr - it was a shock image I got sent on Twitter; I proceeded to show it to a group of friends while filming so I could get a reaction video

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