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Girls what's the gift that might melt your heart ? And it's not too pricy ?

shivang799’s Profile PhotoShivang Gupta
Depends. You know that person more than anyone here. So, gift her something that's meaningful.

How to handle abnormal and childish people here on ask , I found this guy who is 25 but asking me ,can I sleep with my teddy bear and that sort of childish , mentally disturbed stuff, I want to help this guy but how ? He is from usa

Simply ask to him to go and see a doctor rather than asking people here on an app.

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If someone suddenly started ignoring you… (not texting you) what should be done?

Firstly, talk to them and ask how they are doing. Secondly, if you realise they are intentionally ignoring you, then they simply don't want to talk. Just move on and don't waste your time on someone who's least bothered about you.

U can never outshine by dimming someone else shine. Cuz u putting efforts on someone else instead of oneself

I second that. 🙌

I like a guy whos dating a girl with a bad chrcter.She dates more thn 2 guys at the same tym. She gets to date almst evry guy she wants to. But Im better than her in almost evrythng, including studies, reputation, hell Ive better goods than her.She's extro and Im intro. Why wont any of them date me?

Oh Girl!! Why are you even comparing yourself with anyone? Raise your standards and move on. Also, try to refrain yourself from making such comments in future about people to prove your point that you are better than them. Learn to love yourself a little more. Much love. 💖

How to know if a guy is attracted towards you

Let him come to you directly and tell you if he's attracted towards you or not. Don't assume things on your own. If he's not making efforts for you, Darling, he doesn't deserve either you or your time!!!

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Thoughts on playing with girl's life for sake of enjoyment?

That's clearly disgusting even if it's a guy and not girl!

How to overcome loneliness?

Learn to enjoy your own company rather than relying on people! And you'll be the happiest version of yourself. ✨️

What's the most embarassing thing happened recently due do your dress?

Nothing! I wear comfortable clothes.
Whats the most embarassing thing happened recently due do your dress


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