Ask @Garin_:

2016 is coming in fast. What are 5 things you're glad to burn in the 2015 firepit?

1. League of Legends (game is shit now, stop lying to yourselves boys)
2. the good shit meme (seriously guys? didn't realise we were still 9)
3. Brain Power meme (please no more for the love of god.)
4. r/osugame and r/osuskins (these need no explanation)
5. the JSRF skin i made OH GOD MY EYYEEEESSSSS
couldnt think of anything besides shit that makes my blood boil :^

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How do you make your fonts look good? Mine never turn out so well, especially on numbers.

practice and try a lot of different things.. don't go overboard, numbers should be easy to read but there's lots of effects you can use for subtle changes.
maybe try using some textures or making your own gradients, i also find that "Stroke" looks bad most of the time because of aliasing try using outerglow with 0 range same effect but doesnt look like shit.
idk bruh :P

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i wanna follow up a little to the previous question

if you were talking about the hitcircles btw then yeah i could have if i made them defaults but i feel like combo colors are more suitable in themed skins because white approachcircles are boring.
also i'd like to say that my view on skinning is very... weird? idk but
to me you need to make a compromise with elements, what i mean by that is don't go overboard and make EVERYTHING look "fancy" because that's not the goal here, the goal is to provide a unique way to experience the game because that's what skins are they change how you view the game be it minimalistic skins or fancy skins like neosu, some are made purely for gameplay reasons and some are made to look cool, but they should all always the follow main goal, Playability.
sure you can make something that looks crazy good but if it plays like shit what's the point? you probably wont ever use it (looking at you RainbowNightSkyHighway)
i will never understand the obsession of making EVERY element super flashy.. but in the end it doesnt matter what i say people will continue doing it because its appealing to them but to me its ugly.
and dont forget this is just MY opinion do as you please.
random rant? lol

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