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Latest answers from Garrosh Hellscream

It's Eat an Extra Dessert Day! What's one dessert you could eat all day long?

You know what? If you're following me on any site, in any form, you already know the answer to this question.

Zac Efron or Dwayne Johnson?

To play me in the inevitable biopic? Dwayne Johnson, hands down. Not even a contest. (I mean really, think about it a second and tell me you CAN'T see him rocking Mannoroth's tusks and hitting the ladies with a /waggle. This is casting too good NOT to happen. #TheLadiesLoveGarroshButTheRockWillDoInAPinch)

What’s the coolest thing people can learn from you?

Bladestorm. Because Bladestorm is like the coolest thing a warrior can do, and I'm the coolest warrior there is, so really it's just about the math. TRANSITIVE PROPERTY, MOFOS.
Plus I have trainees, so they literally SHOULD be learning that from me anyway. At least the ones that are warriors. The ones who aren't, well, I don't know what their damage is. Although @RuekieShaman kind of looks like she's Bladestroming when she's got too much kafa in her.

If you had to choose a different nationality, what would you choose?

Screw that. Go Horde or go home.

What color dominates your wardrobe?

Yeah, um, my "wardrobe." Brown features prominently. As much because of what I don't wear as what I do.

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