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I don't post lewd pictures of myself.
They only person that'll see me naked is my current boyfriend/girlfriend.

Would, would hard. I saved em I saved every last lewd you posted. Where can I find more?

I'm not gonna fuck you btw or /soc/ or /b/ even

Why are you trying to confuse me about my sexuality? D:

you wanna be a cute boy in girly clothes deep down, so go shave your body and start working out.

fuck, marry, kill: roguestar, IA, total biscuit

I think I'd rather kill myself but fuck it
fuck TB
marry IA
kill rogue

When was the last time you cut your hair?

lmfao I know your game jew you're trying to steal my hair like you stole my foreskin
fuck you I'm not falling for that again

If you had three wishes, what would they be?

The ability to breath underwater
an army of fishmen
an underwater city

Are there any particular games in the SMT series you plan on picking up soon?

I think I'd like to do them in chronological order of release, though I'm interested in the Spin-off series Digital Devil Saga the most, so possibly those.

What is your opinion on the Shin Megami Tensei series?

I really like Persona 3 and 4 though, y'know, Persona.
I enjoy Nocturne from the bit I've played, and I've been meaning to play through the whole series soon.


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