Ask @GeeDnz:

I do t care if you bring her or not. At the end of the day people use studio time as a chance to cheat

People use any resource available if they really want to cheat

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That you’re not in love

I love her to the point where I care for her more than myself and I’ll kill somebody for disrespecting her

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They cheat obviously . You’re going to be with mad guys with females on the side without your gf being there duh

Thats True If youre drake or 2Chainz or some shit so get your head out your ass. People want to do something productive with their lives unlike yourself. If I would’ve brought her you would’ve complained that she’s with me

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We all know what people do in the studio till 5am

Lmao I doubt you of all people know what people do in the studio til 5am

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It’s funny how you’re no longer in love after 6 years. Why even be with someone that long and still not be in love. Watch you delete this because you don’t want her to know you’re not in love

Why aren’t yoy’all answering some of my questions

I do when I’m ready. Just because you ask doesn’t mean I’m gonna jump

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Well guys, I'm bored so send questions my way? Anyways, on to my question. Do you think a woman should spend money on her man? I.e He spends money on her, should she spend some on him, split the bill, him huy dinner, her buy movie tickets etc.

It would be HIGHLY appreciated if women did that from time to time but most women expect to be taken care of

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