Which anime works would you consider feminist?

I've seen some good tweets on the matter earlier this week, let me find them.
The long and short of it is that, often, answering such questions (and also, "What's a libertarian work?" or "What's a socialist work?" when dealing beyond outright manifestos) means something sort of weird, because all these things are ideological goggles to view other things throughout, rather than labels that apply to things per se. Even "Libertianism" which I said Mahouka is such a work. It's mostly that these works contain some of the things these things aim for, or the ideas they use as basis.
I could list a lot of "feminist works", and since feminism means so many different things to so many different people, there'll be people who will disagree with every single one of them. I won't try to answer "What is feminism?" for instance.
I mean, is Fairy Tail feminist? I think it might very well be. Is Avatar: The Last Airbender (I know it's not an anime, I'm making a point)? I think so. Is Kyousougiga any more feminist than Uchouten Kazoku? Not by some definitions I know.
And most works are far too layered. Is one non-feminist or even anti-feminist moment in a show enough to make it "non-feminist"? I don't think so, some people do. Is Princess Tutu feminist? I actually don't think so, to a degree.
It's a mess. If you're trying to use this question to gauge my thoughts on what feminism is in general, or how I judge shows, it won't help you, because it truly is taking in the whole of a thing. I also don't try to think "Is this show feminist or not?" because not only does it miss the point, and not only does it not yield much of interest as a label, it's also not very useful for discussions.

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