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Most embarrassing story?

Okay I'm going to come clean about this. One time in second grade we were talking about George Washington and I was new to that school so I wanted to be "cool" (and I wasn't that well educated) so I told everyone that George Washington was my grandpa. Everyone burst out laughing at that point and my teacher pointed out that it wasn't possible. But you see I couldn't stop there or else I would look stupid at my new school, so I continued on and told her that I messed up and I meant to say he was my great great grandpa. Yeah I wasn't the brightest lightbulb out there

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Are you friends with April? THoughts on her???

Pff I'm not friends with herrr. Just kidding she's my dork. We have been friends since the beginning if sixth grade and we're still going strong. She looks really judge mental (which I'm not going to deny) and confident but in reality she's just a ball of jealousy and insecurities which makes me love her and care for her. <3

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Hate has a fine borderline with love. Have you watched dramas lately? All the female leads hate the male but soon it grows to love. So it's okay to hate me because I believe sooner or later you will come to love me whether that's today or 10 years from now. Just now this anon I will love you no matter what because you took the time and effort to type this which means you care. Therefore, I love you too

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