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James Schuyler
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Do you have a person who can make you happy? If so, who is this person?

"Ah, my husband." <3 "My whole family can make me happy. Even our friends."

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Why shops were out of lamb, pork and chicken?

"U-uh sold out?"

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If you had to act in a movie, what character would you choose to be?

"The background Character." O-O

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Do you tend to stand out or blend in with a crowd?


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How is Thomas doing?

"he's better."

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What is the purpose of newspapers?

"M-my husband literally just got shot...And you want to know about newspapers?"

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"Ow, my head hurts...Am I dreaming or? Why is it so dark? Oh no there we go I see now. My side is killing me. It hurts so much. Jesus fucking christ. Why do I feet like I just got shot? Wait my memories are coming back I did get shot. Wait just a fucking second...I got shot and I survived? How?"

Hamilswap Thomas Jefferson

Insert Aaron rushing in. He got the news late. That's what happens when you Wait For It too long Mr. Schuyler...

Oh looks like there both crying but little do they know....

How is Thomas's heartbeat?

Are you aware your husband got shot?

Most memorial moment with your kids?

Tiny giggle. "I have a very big memory, Thomas shares this memory as well..Ask him for a better explanation."

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Have you checked Tord's blog recently?

"Y-yes actually..Was a bit surprised at first. But then I remembered AU's."

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What's your favorite fashion brand?

"Don't really have one..."

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Do you have any posters on your bedroom wall? What are they?


You and Thomas are being pretty gay right now


About James Schuyler:

Ask this Smol Gay married man anything. Keep in mind it's James Madison from the Hamilswap AU. So he is Eliza


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