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When I look into your eyes it's over, you got me hooked with your love controller! I'm tripping and I could not get over, I feel lucky like a four leaf clover 🍀🏻🥰

Good song 👍 Jennifer Lopez does have some good music
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https://ask.fm/GeorginaKeemcook/answers/173815368454 - The only thing they're gonna be banging is their head against the wall when they realise they're not gonna get anywhere near you 🤣

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😂 too right besides I’m too busy for all that 😂

https://ask.fm/GeorginaKeemcook/answers/173836712198 - You asked for it 👀 Now I've found an owner 🤩 Got cat food in? 😋

redoasis2017’s Profile Photo★ ☮ ♫ ʎɐɯɯo⊥ snoıɔɐuǝ⊥™ ▩ ♚ ☻
😂 I don’t have cat food unfortunately but I do have salmon in the fridge and a tin of tuna 😂

If you see a black cat, do you regard it as good luck? 🤩 Or bad luck? 👀 😇

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Neither it’s just a kitty 😂 If I see any type of cat you can guarantee I’ll be trying to stroke it 🤣 Pspspspsps here kitty kitty 🐈‍⬛


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