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Does time really heals a person? What’s your opinion on that?

It takes time not easy it heals but the wound stays

Noor alsamhan! Om salem and alzain? Please answer . She was my neighbor :( i want to make sure if it was her or no

Yes it’s her. اللهم صبر أهلها و أحبابها و إجبر كسرهم و إرحمها و إجعلها من أهل اليمين المبشرين فلله ما أخذ و أعطى و الحمد لله على كل حال و في كل حين.

Would you rather stay home with the one you love or have a fun party with your best friends?

Depend on my mode

What are two things that irritate you about the opposite sex?

Not all but mostly there Ego and they want to Control you

Have you ever felt good about doing something bad?

I don’t feel bad couse I don’t do things I don’t feel good about


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