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would you be upset if you lost the one you love? be honest!

That's sure, but I will upset if I figure out he doesn't desrve me

Is the meaning of life the same for animals and humans ?

The meaning of the life is diffirernt from a person to another, so I don't thing is the same for human and animals exept one thing that pray for god.
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If you had the opportunity to go somewhere and start a new life, where would you go? What job would you have? And how do you imagine your house there?

I would like to go to Canada, and I love pharmacy I think it's a good one, don't know hou it could be
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Is it better to be single or in a couple? Why?

Single, your life qnd future is more important than a relationship.
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If you would meet someone in reality from ask fm..what would you tell her? Mayb she can be ur crush.. Or u can..

I don't know
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