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What if you could go back in time, and take all those hours of pain and darkness and replace them with something better?

Never! Gotta get through the bad to appreciate everything😌

I know u hate me, but I never intended 2 make u angry, and didnt know I ever did until recently. I thought I could act out verbally because u hurt me, but I was wrong. I understand why u do and its ok. I wish u didnt, because Im in love with u, but thats life. I’ll never do anything to anger u again

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I don't even want you anymore so idk why I'm bothering I honestly hate you but also honestly am still in love with you. Yet you don't care about my feelings, so ill just move on with my life eventually. Please never come back around me, you made your bed so lay in it


I’ve read all your responses and wow you are quite the character, you have a big personality… very interesting individual

Aw thank you!!

We can talk I'm sorry I pushed away. If we do talk about it it's a lot, i think i needed time to prepare myself to talk That's all

Whatever feels right

I know for a fact you’re in love with me as well … so when does the frontin end?

Want to tell me who you are?

If you ever see me again, don't speak. You broke my heart. You showed you don't care and now I want you all the way out my life. Even if you wanted me back, you can no longer have me. I deserve wayyyyyyy better.

When you tell someone you cheated multiple times (for any reason) don't be surprised when they believe you.

Better to be honest than to lie

I haven’t moved on just yet.. will you forgive me for any pain I caused you? You have my heart even though you don’t know me… I know I said I was done and said my goodbye, but I just can’t forget these feelings. I just wish for you to be happy, always. I will love you always. 🥺💜

is it okay to give up when you've been fighting for so long but nothing gets better?

Don’t ever give up. It doesn’t last forever :)


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