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Oh really? I've always wanted to visit malaysia

Hmm, you should!

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Oh yeah I figured, so are you here studying? Which uni do you go to?

Monash :)

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So where are you from then?

Malaysia :)

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I'm pretty good too lol. So are you an aussie born or are you from somewhere else?

Nah I'm from somewhere else 😬

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Hey fellow aussie woman. Hows it going

Not too bad not too bad. You?

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How many pairs of shoes do you have?

10 or so

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Why you want to bringing up something that happen so many year ago?

Because my blog is a place where I freely express my thoughts, and because I want to. Acknowledging what happened in the past may very well be the easiest way to put things behind me. I believe that what happened to me is relatable to others as well.

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Can i get ur number?

that depends on who you are

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How do you handle people you don't like?

I mostly ignore them

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Why do girls like to take pic when they go toilet? hahahaha

i wouldn't know.. don't think it's still trending

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Who is the last person you bought a gift for?

someone special :p

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should guys choose their girlfriends over their other friends?

depends on the situation.. and the girl itself hahahah

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How u doing

not too bad i guess

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Emmm...... so you in KDU?

yeah :)

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What does your parents work as?

They have their own company :)

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how are you

Could be better

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just answer it la hahaha yes or no lol

Duh ._. How can you not be

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do you take a bath in nude?


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what do you think about attention seekers?

Depends on who they are and what they want ?

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Your sis plan to study kdu with you too?

It's her decision to make :)

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Just miss you lo.. hows your bf?

Fine?? O.o

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What you've been doing?

Nothing much .. Why?

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are u single nw??


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