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what was it about? lol

This girl i used to be friends with wanted to fight me and i didn't say anything cause theres no reason to, so then she grabbed me and i punched her out of reaction and got her on the floor and punched her twice and then i realized what i was doing and i got up and felt i don't know, like i didn't want to hurt her, but i was mad. And my mom was like "*her name* STOP! You guys used to be friends! Hug and make up" Then she wiped her bloody nose and laughed and looked at me so evil like she had something prepared for me later.
I don't know, it was crazy.

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Your "husband" is a well known man whore in horizon city :'3 you must be so proud

Bitch please shut the fuck up.
A man whore is a man who has sex with a lot of girls and then leaves them. He is most defiantly not that. If you don't know shit about him, don't speak cunt.
I'm VERY proud of the man whore he ISNT and how far he's come with all the bullshit and fake ass friends he's been past by himself with me by his side. <3 c:

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Your boyfriend slept under cars lmfao

And then? Ati que te pinchi importa wei?
You wouldn't be able to do SHIT if you were in his shoes.
At least he fucking did it, at least he knew how to get by every day.
You don't even know his story
Get your ass the fuck off my ask. Im proud of how far he's gotten on his own, and ima stick by his side through whatever, through thick and thin.

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