Ask @GippadaRippa:

If you somehow meet your ex , how would you treat to that?????

I would tell her hey sweetheart ive been doing alright im going to tell you ive been making better decisions and getting better achievements ive did a lot to better myself and i want you to know the old me is not that of the new me ive been moving forward with life ive bettered myself to be a better outlook for you and I if possible i want to start trying to see each other more and start to try and try to listen to each other so we may be friends with each other and hang at any time your welcome to meet up have tea or grab a bite to eat i should get a chance to know how you have changed and you'll hear of the new stories and experiences i have had and im glad that we had to split ways for it has taught me to be a better and all I'm not all as once before i will be able to bring you more joy and happiness now than the old me i admit we both needed a break so now we can work on getting to know each other

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