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What makes you strong?

For me its "Acceptance"
There was a time when I used to escape from sufferings using different mediums to channelise my inner thoughts. This is what I call a state of denial and at some point everybody goes through the state of denial. Cold days, regrets , social anxiety and so much more.
After continuously following the same escape routine for a long time period. I found myself so low and tired. At that breaking point I realized that temporary escapes were not gonna work and from that day the period of "Acceptance" was introduced in my life.
I stopped myself from running away and denying bitter realities.
I start accepting everything. It's difficult but not impossible. And gradually I got myself immune to those realities.
This is what makes me strong. Acceptance taught me who I am now and why I'm standing here.
Do not make yourself a slave of anything. Allah has created you a freeman.

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What's the worst pain?

unwantedniceguy_moody’s Profile PhotoNot just a nice guy
Since the 21st century, I think the archetypal music listener has become more conservative. The way they engage with the music is so convenient that we listen to mp3s and playlists in the gym, on the bus. We dont want anything that is going to blow our minds too much.
We just want somthing nice in the background while we check our emails, chit chat with friends, check the news etc. This is so unfortunate for musicians like myself who can almost feel like we have been born into the wrong era.
I cant imagine people listening to albums like Dark side of the moon ,In Absentia and Octavarium without having the whole kind of concept of the flow and the narrative and sequencing.
I guess the kids who were born in this modern era and the whole concept is kind of alien to them. They are not interested in that.

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Whats the worst pain