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And u with kachra comment... Why u guys always think that every girl post has a direction connection with any relationship shit .why u boys think soooo??? grow up man is full of ups and downs other than this relationship shit but u guys keep ur mind 24/7 around relationships.......

Its a god darn reference, which if you didn't notice has no direct link to your pathetic excuse of a deep, sad post. Not every relationship is shit unlike what you seem to believe. And you contradict your own self. What? "Gham hain darakht ke patte nhi jo jhar jayen" and then you say "life is full of ups and downs." Wow.. go host some tea party with 80's Justin Bieber. Maybe you are in fact, a degenerate even worse than that 11 year old. Smh

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+1 answer in: “غم ہیں!! درختوں کے پتے نہیں جو جھڑ جائیں گے.”