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What was the best movie of 2014?

Definitely not Frozen, that's all I can say. It was way too hyped for what it was

Who is the funniest comedian?

That's like asking "What's the best horror game?" I would only be ale to tell you my opinion, there's no real answer for it since everyone enjoys something others won't. Another example is Frozen, lots of people like it and would say it's the best Disney film however I hate it and thought the story line was stupid

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Best music service? Pandora, Soundcloud or Spotify?

Since I've only used Soundcloud because I knew it was free, I'd have to say you can't really take my judgement

What age are you scared of?

18, and that it's happening this year, I'm becoming a man this year and that scares me

What are your New Year's resolutions?

Try not to be as much as an arsehole I can, buy shit I actually need, and help people as much as I can
Probably only 1 will be achieved, ah well

What do you wish for the most in the new year?

For society to not be stupid, politicians to know what they're doing, no discrimination, some God damn peace for Christ sake

What is better the truth even if it hurts, or a lie?

If you feel like a lie will protect the person then yeah, but even if it hurts the truth is always better

What holiday gift would make you really happy?

A hologram projector that shows characters I've made and accurately portrays them


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