Ask @GoldenCat_99:

How many times have you fallen in love?

Mr Attitude Sial
You put salt in the wound
And a kiss on my cheek
You butter me up
And you sit down to eat
You add insult to injury
You say you believe in me
But you haven't decided
About taking or leaving me
But you take ..and you take
Like silks up my sleeve
Tied corner to corner, never ending
Trick after trick, I make the magic
And you unrelentingly ask for the secret...

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Do you know any poem by heart? If yes, what is it?

According to Saud
One of my favourite ghazals.♥
Mujhe maaf kar mere humsafar
tujhe chahna meri bhool thi
Kisi raah par jo uthi nazar
tujhe dekhna meri bhool thi
Koi nazam ho ya koi ghazal
kahin raat ho ya kahin seher
Vo gali gali vo sheher sheher
tujhe dhoodna meri bhool thi
Mere gham ki koi dawa nahi
mujhe tujh se koi gila nahi
Tera koi mere siwa nahi
yahi sochna meri bhool thi.

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