Ask @Gonzogonz:

Who is one of your personal heroes? (Yes, you can completely bs this.)

i really don't have any.
though i guess the closest (currently) is Grainne Mhaol.
she was an Irish pirate or something had basically inherited her farther's company and then decided to turn the merchant fleet into a pirate fleet or something.
it's mainly because of this tune:

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You're now fighting a giant, mutant version of the last animal you touched. Your weapons and powers are the same as the last character you used in whatever game you last played. How well did you do?

(if we're talking non-flash games)
i shot the fuck out of it while my sweet red sash flails in the wind.
(intrusion 2)
(if you are talking flash games)
i slice the fuck out of it.
(straw hat samurai)
so yeah.

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What's a good webcomic to read? Aside from ones like Homestuck, Slightly Damned, and other such Nexus-popular ones.

*pulls up Feedly*
Ava's demon. (sci-fi and an interesting setting, not too long, neat art)
Broodhollow. (cosmic horror adventure!)
Gone With The Blastwave. (funny. funny. funny.)
Skindeep. (if you haven't already)
Paranatural. (weird, funny, awesome)
Unsounded. (complicated, welldrawn, very well made)
Strays. (maybe a bit too anime, but its good if it doesn't bother you too much)
there are more, but those are some of the best.

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