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What's your opinion on gay marriage?

I'm for it. One of my mom's dearest friends is gay, and I've called him my uncle my whole life. He and his boyfriend have been together my whole life. I know very few couples under the age of sixty who can say they've been together that long. I am a Christian, so I know that my answer may tick off other Christians or seem odd to people who aren't Christians. I don't think that banning gay marriage is going to make our country any more wholesome. I'm also pretty sure that banning it would be unconstitutional.
And if we're going for technicalities, the Bible condemns gay sex, not gay marriage. And if you go by the classic media portrayals of marriages, the sex stops when you're married anyway, so gay marriage = no gay sex! (That part is a joke, obviously I know people have sex after marriage...I know I do).
People are too quick to condemn others, which is the total opposite of what Jesus taught. Jesus taught love. Just because you might not love homosexuality doesn't mean you shouldn't care for the people who practice it, and I feel like people are constantly forgetting that. Two gay people getting married isn't going to affect anyone but them...it does not make a heterosexual marriage less valid, it's not going to demoralize the country, it's not going to cause nuclear war...it's just going to result in two people being happy to be together. I don't think any of us are in any place to tell someone else they can't be with who they love (unless it results in harm to others, like abusive people and child molesters, but that's gay or straight).
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