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I don't call you or your siblings abominations, Gothy... You mean the world to me *Awww*

*Aw**Goth just hugs his Uncle* Thanks Uncle Error..! We love you too, um..can you not call Palette a abomination then too? For me? Pleaaase..? *he gives a big sad eye*

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+2 answers in: “I don't know what your abominable boyfriend is talking about, I for one trust Chara completely. *With what is not revealed* Though who do YOU trust more Gothy? Me, an alternate version of your mom, or him, who's father caused Underverse with glee and is even more psychotic at times than me?”

*socket ended up threatening them both so Palette ended up in a fight with the psychopath. He may have won causing Socket to glitch out of existence again but a fair number of attacks hit him, blood seems to be spreading from injuries beneath his coat*

P-PALETTE!?!? *Goth was really shocked to see him so injured and immediately rushed over to his side* W-what happened!? H-hold on, I-I might have a Life flower..w-where is it..!? *Goth was searching his pockets frantically for a flower*..I-I don't have any left..crap!

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+6 answers in: “*he takes off his mask in frustration i wonder if he remembers socket*So I'm doomed to melt arent i?”

Anon magic, look I'm all grown up, you're so smol *he chuckles picking up and hugging Goth who right now is a lot smaller in comparison*

They did the same to me..but I'm still SHORT!! WHY!?!? *Goth turned bright purple when Palette lifted him up, he isn't too much taller than he was originally, he would reach Genos shoulder now though*
..Am I stuck like this forever!?!? I wanted to be tall!! Like super tall!!

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*Plague told Geno what happened, Geno is kneeling at Raven's side a skeletal hand on his cheek, talking to him, desperate for a response that will never come. His eye light is gone and tears are streaming from his socket*

*There goes your idea Goth*..
..Oh f-ck..*Goth nervously walks beside his mom, tugging on his scarf lightly, your in so much trouble Goth*

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+8 answers in: “*Goth hears his mom calling from another room* Goth? Raven? Silver? Sorell? Shino?? Where are you?!?”