Zim?!That human doesn't know his head from a hole in ground. No we are not friends more like mortal eniemes.

Ooh..I remember you now, your that version of Dib that's a irken! Zim is human in your world..? So it's kinda like Underswap where everything is reversed.. what are you doing here?

Helping gaz take over the world nothing big. I also am looking for a willing monster to help me run some tests .

Your still trying to take over the world? You do know thats not gonna happen..right? And..what kind of tests? *Goth gives Dib a slight glare*

Unless you are gonna offer to be participant I don't have to tell you.*fold his arms*

Who would participate in something they don't know about? If your gonna ask monsters to help you, you have to tell them what they're doing..*Dib probably knows if it's anything harmful Goth will try to reap him*

It's for science enough said.I just need a DNA sample and a few small tests nothing that'll hurt to much.Well one might but the others won't.

That doesn't really sound good..

So you're intrested?It'll make my job easier.

Um..I don't think anyones gonna take that job, it sounds kinda dangerous when you said it might hurt me..*Goth sees his mom stepped in and he immediately hides behind @DontcallmeSans * mom?