Onii-chan!! This is my new friend! @DreamyGuardianAngel her names Ameeko! She helped me find you so you don't have to be sad now! I'm not lost anymore! I wanna play hide and seek with her!

Um..that's great you made a new friend but..I lose you everytime we play hide and seek..maybe you should play something else so we don't have to go looking for you again? *Goth nervously rubs the back of his skull*

*look at Shino* Well, there're many other games we can play besides hide and seek!

*You went anon lol confused me for a few minutes*
See? Your friend agrees, we should play something else like.. how about tag? Or um.. I know you like drawing we could do that

Aw...ookkaaayy..*Shino pouts* Can Ameeko draw? I wanna draw! *Shino pulls on Goths arm* I like making pretty pictures for my friends! Oh! We could color too! Gothy!

*Goth chuckles a bit* Why are you asking me? You should ask your new friend if they wanna draw @DreamyGuardianAngel

Sure! I love drawing!

Okay! We can all draw then! My sister loves drawing too, she kinda drives me crazy sometimes *he winks to let you know he's joking*

Gottthhyyyyy that's not very niccee!! *Shino puffs up her tiny bone cheeks* I was gonna draw you as the pirate king! Now I don't want to! Your gonna be the cleaning lady!

Cleaning lady? Pirates don't have maids and I'm a boy..

Hey Gothy! what are you guys doing, and who's your new friend?

Oh! Hey Palette! Shino made a new friend Ameko I think? @DreamyGuardianAngel I don't know if I said your name right, were all drawing together, you wanna join in?

No pirates have someone that cleans doo doo on something called a deck! Your gonna clean doo doo off the deck! *Shino tries making a evil smile lol*

Aw but I was joking Shino, don't make me clean doo doo, I'd like being a pirate king.. *Goth pouts*

Are you kidding, of course *though Palette pulls out paint and brushes, he takes after Ink in that regard*

*Goth doesn't mind if Palette uses paint instead, it might be more fun to draw that way*
What are you gonna draw Palette?

I'll make you a pirate king if you draw me as a princess! I'm the Great princess Shino!

*Goth facepalms* Okay.."Great princess Shino" it is, I don't get to clean doo doo now right?

uhm... landscapes I think

I can't wait to see what it looks like, your drawings are always amazing *Goth smiles at Palette* Shino wants me to draw her as a princess

That doesn't surprise me *based off what Goth can see of Palette's painting it looks like there's echo flowers in it*

Is that waterfall? *Goth peers over Palettes shoulder to get a good look at the painting*

It's supposed to be, I've never actually seen waterfall just some of my dad's paintings of it.

..I haven't seen it either but my mom told me it has those blue flowers everywhere and it was a really pretty place, he told me those flowers copy whatever you say to them *Goth smiled* you could do so many pranks with those