Ask @GothicNarcissus:

What is the weather like in your part of the world right now? Is it pumpkin spice everything over there or is that just here in the US? And what is your current favorite, song, food, color, person (past or present), drink, film, book?

Isaac Wyant (Lord-Hallowell)
• Weather's cold and windy, but still bearable to me.
• Pumpkin spice has been kind of taking hold in the last couple of years as an imported item, but it's mostly unknown to the wider public.
• Current favourite song: Wish That You Were Here by Florence + The Machine.
• Current favourite food: I'm living off lasagna trying to put on a couple chilos.
• Current favourite colour: green. It has always been my favourite, rotating with black and red. Right now I'm in a Growing Strong phase. ;)
• Current favourite person: I'm finding myself unexpectedly heart-wrecked by Carrie Fisher's death.
• Current favourite drink: Stinger, which is basically Cognac + Creme de Menthe.
• Current favourite film: I'm totally bewitched by Disney's Moana. <3
• Current favourite book: The Black Dahlia by Ellroy. May be planning a photo series inspired by it.

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What is your favorite movie? meal? drink? And if given the chance who in all of time would you like to spend a day with?

• Favourite movie: probably Beauty And The Beast; or Source Code. Or both.
• Favourite meal: lasagne.
• Favourite drink: Stinger.
• The Doctor, so that in that one day he can bring me to meet maaaaany other people.

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posso dire che la tua ultima risposta mi rattrista... amare è una cosa bellissima se chi riceve ricambia con pari intensitá. mi spiace che le tue esperienze passate ti abbian portato a pensarla cosi'

L'importante è che ti rattristi per quel motivo e non perché sono un mangiacarne senz'anima o altre cose del genere: quello avrei difficoltà a reggerlo. :3

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