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Hey Gothy *Palette waves when he arrives*

Paletteofhope’s Profile PhotoPalette
P-Palette! *Goth blushes a bit when he sees the cinnamon roll and pulls his scarf up over half his face to try and hide his blush* T-thanks for coming over..! U-um--s-so..! Here's the bot I talked about..! Kinda weird there's plants..b-but..maybe it came from Aunt Lifes place? *he then steps aside to show @DarknessInsideTheCore tied up to several vines* I-I was gonna use my scythe but..I don't really wanna risk hurting him..!

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A Robot? Wonder how that ended up in Reapertale of all places, I mean I can look at it but I'm not sure how much I could really do to help. I'll be there soon

Paletteofhope’s Profile PhotoPalette
Thanks Palette! Oh and happy late birthday! We were kinda busy and I couldn't be there on time for your birthday..but I'll make it up to you, promise! *Goth then hangs up and waits for Palette*

*Palette picks up* Hello Gothy? What's going on?

Paletteofhope’s Profile PhotoPalette
Oh h-hey Palette! I almost thought you wouldn't pick up for a minute..I kinda need some help with something..I found a robot here in ReaperTale and it's kinda got some problems..you think you could come over and help with it?

I am Project Kurai.. I need your assistance to reactivate my movement..

DarknessInsideTheCore’s Profile PhotoProject Kurai
Project Kurai..? Can I just call you Steve? *xD the poor bot* okay Steve! I'm gonna call Palette and ask him for some help! We'll get you loose in no time! *Goth then calls @Paletteofhope on his cellphone*

Wait. . . how'd vines even grow in Reapertale anyway, your father's powers killed everything not protected by other gods

..Yeaaah...I thought that was weird too..but Life does have plants and stuff at her place..maybe it came from her place?

Negative.*he tries to move but seems to be stuck there. The sound of mechanical screeching is heard like he's rusted in place as well.*

DarknessInsideTheCore’s Profile PhotoProject Kurai
Aah!! If I had ears that would be 10 times worse! *Goth covers his skull where his ears would be at the sound of the mechanical screeching* O-okay..you can't move..like at all..even if I did get those vines off you..cause it sounds like you might be rusted..you sat here a long time huh? Oh yeah, Almost forgot, my names Goth, can you tell me your name? ..I gotta figure out how to get you loose from those vines without breaking you.. I don't think using my scythe would be safe..and my Death touch doesn't work as fast as my dad's so..using that would take a while.. maybe I can call Palette and ask him to make something to get you free

*the eyes remain dark and empty for several minutes till the lights in them suddenly turn on staring down at the skeleton child*

DarknessInsideTheCore’s Profile PhotoProject Kurai
Whoa..! You still work! I didn't think you did for a minute! *Goth steps back a bit as he stares up at the bot, the eyes suddenly lighting up startled him a little* Can you still move? Or..I might need to get the vines off you first.. that might be kinda tricky though..

Goth I am recovering from a Major reset, I can't deal with a lot of people all at once

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You would just be laying on the couch, you don't have to do anything just..I thought you would of liked having people over for your birthday, seeing Uncle Error and Fresh and maybe inviting Uncle Edge and Red?

*Goth finds a strange robot standing outside with Vines and spiderwebs covering them like they haven't moved in a very long time*

DarknessInsideTheCore’s Profile PhotoProject Kurai
H-huh..? *Goth was just about to head out the door to his house when he spots the odd robot, it was a little hard to miss with it being right by their house, out of curiosity, he walks over to the bot and wipes away the spiderwebs so he can get a better look at it* ..How did a robot get here? It looks like it's been here a while..you think we'd of seen this sooner.. hey, robot pal? You alive? *he then waves a hand in front of his face*

Goth I don't want a birthday party

DontcallmeSans’s Profile PhotoGeno
Aww...but it would be so awesome! Come oon- just think of a giant cake with your name on it! I got you a small one that Sorell baked for me- but a giant cake would be way better! We should go all out for your birthday this year! *Christmas Party be happening early*

Well you found your mom at least

I need bubble wrap! I'll ask Palette to make some more!
*Palette: Uhh..why have you been asking me to make so many pillows, bubble wrap and..duct tape?
Goth: Because..OUR HOUSE ISN'T SAFE! *duct tapes Palette in bubble wrap*

*Geno's not injured, but he isn't responding to any stimuli either, could he have Fallen Down from such a huge reset*

DontcallmeSans’s Profile PhotoGeno
*Hopefully Silver checks on Geno and figures that out since Goth is busy putting pillows down all over the floor* I-I gotta mom proof the house!! I'LL MAKE SURE HE'S NEVER HURT AGAIN! *I fell asleep earlier, sorry*

..*Silver hardly emotes but once he saw their mom..his eyelight shrinks due to shock, he doesn't even speak as he rushes over to @DontcallmeSans so he and Goth can both lift him up and take him inside* ..

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Looks like the threat work! Now let's get him inside! *Goth helps as they both manage to take their mom inside and place him on the couch* H-how bad is he hurt?
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*Silver came over as soon as he could given he wasn't a ghost atm, it took him a bit longer to get to Goth* ..What's the deal..? You don't usually call for anyone unless their name is Palette..

VoidOfEmptiness’s Profile PhotoSilver
It's mom! Help me get him inside or I'll do to you what I did to Raven! *Goth..WTF*
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*Next time Goth goes outside he'll find his mom unconscious on the ground, blood pooled around him*

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*Oof D: at least Geno isn't gone*
*After searching the house for any signs of his mom, he heads outside* He's not anywhere in here! And stupid dad isn't awake..d-did he really erase himse--!? *but right before he could start searching for Geno or even finish his sentence, he finds his mom laying on the ground in a pool of blœd which causes Goth to start screaming* M-MOM!? I know bleeding is normal for him but he doesn't usually bleedTHAT much! Sh-t! *he then rushes back inside to get @VoidOfEmptiness to help* I don't want to but dad can't help..so I don't have a choice..I have to get one of the others to help here.. SILVER!!
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*multiple ocs lurking in the background.* i won’t at the moment…

*HISSS**Goth actually hissed at you and your OCs xD as he hugs Mr Toasty*

Just remembered I was gonna threaten the toaster again…

H-hey!! Don't do anything to Mr Toasty! He might be a toaster but he's not a normal toaster! He's the best toaster!


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