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those of you who answered "no' should be ashamed of yourself. stay single! relationships aren't for you. you don't know what being there for and supporting your loved one is. your selfish, self absorbed ass can't love anyone else but yourself.


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What would you do if you walked into the bathroom to shower with your bf and find him watching porn, watched u walk out and finishes then blows up at u? What would you do if you were upset about it and he tells u he basically doesn’t care about your feelings and says every guy does it. Get over it

Leave dude seriously......

“you’ll never find someone like me again” if i find someone like you, i’m running

The point is to never find someone like u
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So if someone refused to divorce you. Would you disappear to never be seen or heard from again? I’m thinking about it 😂

It's ways around that trust.. lol 😆

It if wrong that I’m a bit of a gold digger

No you just want stability and don't let anyone make you feel bad.... There are actually apps for this

Is communication most important in a relationship?

Communication isn't the number 1 cause of divorce or relationship endings...
Communication is easy solved but BOTH I MEAN BOTH parties have to be OPEN....
SO many people are used to toxic relationship they don't know the correct way of communicating..

🙄 Do u even know how to pump your own gas ⛽️ and fill your tires 🛞 with air? Come on now, basic!!!!!

I'm so thankful my sons were raised right ✅️

It’s hard to see the love of your life do you so dirty instead of expressing feelings

It's hard to see the one u love cheat with a str8 face .now that's the grimey ish I've seen in my years around the sun...then only b sorry cus they got caught..... ...

Would you stay with the one you are with now knowing they would be with you for life or chance it with the one that got away and see if you two work this time ?

Always go with the 2nd option..... let the 1st one find real love ... esp if you have doubts my boi

I wish my ex would leave me alone already. I had to change my number twice because of him. I don't wanna go back to him, he is a cheater, a liar, a pos

Well dang ... but it be like that sometimes..

Why forgive if the same mistakes are being made over and over

When you find out let me know.... cus I would love to know......

Is it possible for a narcissist to change ?

Narcissistic people have a criminal history, have the same patterns with their exes, the list goes on..... No the only thing changes are their victims... This is a known facts....


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