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What is the best way to tell someone you love them... ?

Showing but some people are so wrapped up in what they think it should look like that they miss what's right in front of them
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Do you have trust issues?

Nope.... I trust people to show me their TRUE CHARACTER.... it's a lot of wolves in sheep clothing and the masks are coming off.. 🐸🐸🍵🍵

Are you a fan of grand romantic gestures?

Of COURSE .... my husband better come daily with them .. 🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰

Fuck being nice . I was much happier when I used people and was like a bitch. Being nice bring you nowhere

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Nooo don't let anyone take you off your throne because of their BS.. Cut them off and don't be Karmanic like them .. SELF LOVE

Is there any woman out there lookin' for love, who doesn't play games and reciprocates energy?

Women reciprocate Men .. smh women MIRROR THE MAN... reflect on why is this a topic for you .. go over all your relationships

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Being a stay at home parent isn’t really a great big deal. Why are stay at home parents such mortars?

Have you ever been a stay at home parent???

is it safe to say when a woman leaves a relationship she already has the next thing going?

When we leave baby we leveling up .. relationships aren't a factor after ... lol spa days, trips, trips, BIG GLO... GIRL TRIPS, GIRL DATES LOL 😆 WE ENJOYING OURSELVES

Would you date a single mom?

Hell yes .. because alot of single moms have degrees, working toward stability, out here living .. hell even single fathers out here as well. It's some single with no kids be scaring me sometimes ..... but message get to know that person 1st

Would you ever share your significant other?

Would you be honest about sharing your significant other... andwould you get tested collectively... see I just said some out here now clearing up an std now from having a 3rd party
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