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Did you meet Bisnap/Zed/Nam in real life?

...Zed/Nam? I have not met anyone from my Youtube social sphere besides SpyroTheSheep in real life.
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Pirates or ninjas and why?

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Historically speaking this is not much of a question. Both groups have been romanticized in media, but when it comes down to it ninjas were highly trained killers, and pirates were a group of uneducated dudes with a boat who stole shit. Doxy would argue that pirates stealing people's shit and then raping their wives makes a case for them being cooler than ninjas, but I'm still going with the assassin warrior trained from birth to be a total badass over random boat-owning criminal.

What's your advice to someone starting out on YouTube?

Don't get discouraged, practice a lot, put yourself on an upload schedule and stick to it, make friends with other Youtubers, get on Twitter and interact with everyone you can, don't bother partnering until you can get a managed contract, don't worry about monetizing until you have around 1k views/day.
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Green, I really enjoy your Dota series, are you going to continue that, or is it just going to be an infrequent spur of the moment type uploading?

The main limiting factor on the DotA series is getting good games for it. As I play I keep an eye out for good games with heroes that would be good to teach where I don't do too many stupid things. I play a lot of Single Draft/All Random and end up with a lot of heroes that I don't necessarily know that well, and a lot of games just go really poorly. Not a lot to say about a game where I die 5 times early game and get 20 minute arcane boots except "don't let this happen to you."
So basically, there'll be more DotA when there's more DotA. I'm pretty choosy about the games I use.

What is your backup plan if YouTube breaks its system for content creators to the point where you can no longer make a living off of YouTube?

I can't make a living off of Youtube now lol. I'd like to get into streaming more but with taking care of my autistic younger brother a lot of the day it's difficult to have a consistent schedule, and getting stream viewership without a regular show time is tough. Preferably it wouldn't be in the middle of the night, too.
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What keeps your relationship with Katie going, despite your distance?

We love each other a whole lot and have a ton in common. We spend basically all day every day with a Skype conversation open and talk to each other about everything. I'm also planning on visiting her again in May :D

How did you get your name?

I was 12 years old, frustrated trying to think of a username that wasn't taken for RuneScape, and eventually just put in my favorite color and mashed some numbers so I could fucking play already. One of my biggest regrets is not bothering to think of a better name before becoming notable under Green9090. A big impetus behind that was that my account was old enough to upload videos over 15 minutes long, which at the time was not something new accounts could do. In hindsight uploading my first 10 Isaac episodes in 2-3 parts would not have been the end of the world.

Are you feeling better about your content? I recall a while ago you were considering packing it in for various reasons. I'm very glad you didn't.

Yeah, there's been a glut of fantastic games coming out lately that make me really excited to continue with the channel even though I have a mini panic attack every time I look at my analytics graph. The whole subscribers not getting notified of videos thing among other things have really hurt my viewership, but at the end of the day playing video games and talking about them is still something I enjoy a lot, especially with games like Our Darker Purpose, A Wizard's Lizard, and later on BoI Rebirth, Warlock 2, etc. coming out.
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If you could say one thing to BOB to convince him to give you your rightful twitter, what would it be?

I don't want it anymore, it's too late. Migrating 4500 Twitter followers to a new account would be really difficult, I'd probably lose half of them. If I had the account all I'd do is tweet my actual Twitter handle once and change the bio to that as well.

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