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Tbh Grisel I miss you so much we need to hang out soon like soon. You're such an amazing friend and I'm thankful to have you we have lots of great memories that are hilarious . you're so pretty 😍 I love you

stephsantiaago’s Profile PhotoStephanie Santiago
Miss you 😭 lets hang out & go get our nails done! Love you & thank you for always being there for me 💘
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Tbh I see you looking at my stories hoping YOU WILL snapchat me but YOU DONT and I always say I'm going to snapchat you since you didn't snapchat me and explain to you but then I think of it and that's hella typing so I get over it.. Lol. I miss you so much :( I haven't seen you in so long or

Jaayyyochoaa707’s Profile PhotoJennifer Mendoza
Honestly miss you so much & love you ❤️❤️ but really I've been waiting for u to snapchat me 😂😂 so please hit me up again

tbh: we don't talk :/ but I remember that we used to in altimira 😂 you're super pretty ! 😭 and I hope that you're having a good break 😊

Ivonneechavezz_’s Profile Photoivonne
Thanks same goes to u 😊

If you were really hungry, really exhausted, AND really gross, what would you do first — eat, nap, or shower?

Shower nap then eat

Tbh I miss you b❤️ but Thursday with you and Angela was fun in rosa. Well we have so many amazing memories, you've always been a incredible friend , you've always had my back , your just a over all outstanding friend. Anyone would be blessed to have a beautiful woman like u in their life's . Iloveu

Aw my doll face same goes to u ❤️ I am also very blessed & grateful to have an amazing girl like u as a friend 💘 love you! & I can't wait to take u on a date 😉😂
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Truth is , I miss you 😩 and you never sent me the pic 😂 lol , let's hangout soon beauty 💓 Hmu soon (:

Hahah I know sorry I haven't been home 😭 & yes let's hang out I'll hit u up when I'm back in Sonoma (:


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