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Apparently that sleep curse moved on to @forgottenfifth you'd think he'd be immune since he's not human, but apparently interfering in Vio's curse got him some negative attention

*Reaper is surprised to hear that but..what can he do? Not only is he hooked up to a IV right now..but..it's unclear if Shadow and him are even friends anymore..he could go over to help and end up attacked for it..add in he doesn't feel okay being around Shadow right now and you have a recipe for disaster*....

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I. . . I think I need some sleep, I know Nightmare won't bother me with you here *Geno clinks his cheek before laying down, thinking about his past got to him today*

DontcallmeSans’s Profile PhotoGeno
G-Geno..*Aw D:**Reaper blushes bright blue, what Geno said really surprised him along with the little clink he got on the cheek, it made him extremely happy to know Geno still loves him and doesn't see him differently but it didn't last long when worry took over, he couldn't help but worry after hearing Nightmare was pestering Geno..so he's going to keep a close eye on him while he's out*
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That sounded awfully bratty Reaper.~*she teases him sticking out her purplish black tongue *You best take good of Geno or you'll find out how strong my swing is.*lol her signature Nail covered baseball bat ouch*

ToxinTale’s Profile PhotoAllura
Nu-uh! *Reaper being Reaper sticks his tongue out right back at her xD I think that's cute even her tongue is purple-*
..Swing..? You have a swingset? *Mod just facepalms at Reaper- he thought she meant a literal swing- he really is a giant idiot sometimes-*

I had my AU destroyed to protect others but I failed everyone in my original AU. But I'll fix things. Where do you think Goth gets the bratty behavior from?*lol ouch*

ToxinTale’s Profile PhotoAllura
You didn't fail everyone..ya did what you thought was righ--I-I AM NOT A BRAT! J-just..don't ask me to share donuts..those are mine..
*Yeah you just proved her point xD good job Reaper*
...He's a brat ..cause of Gaster.. not me!
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Apparently Nightmare has been bothering her, explains why he hasn't been showing up in my cursed sleep

DontcallmeSans’s Profile PhotoGeno
Wait..he bothers you in your sleep!? *Maybe you shouldn't have told Reaper that--the God actually goes back into sobbing-* y-your that miserable with me that Nightmare is after you..!?
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Nightmare keeps finding me I've been trying to avoid him but he always seems to appear when I'm at my lowest points. I know I'm not hero but I refuse to be a villain like him. I know you're not evil Reaper just a bratty god with the worse job ever..*lol burn!*

ToxinTale’s Profile PhotoAllura
..He always lurks around anyone who had a skeleton of negative emotions..but..you always seem so happy..despite everything..*Reapers hood makes a question mark shape* ..unless..you were faking it all this time.. and uh.. aren't you a hero though? You did sacrifice your timeline in order to protect the rest of the multiverse--*he then stops when he hears the bratty comment xD he got burned by a cinnamon roll*
I-I'm not bratty!! Goth is..!
*He's so immature it hurts lol
Reaper: -points a finger at his own son- It's him not me!!
Goth: -points a finger at his dad- It's his fault I am the way I am!
Geno: Your both grounded! XD
Reaper: How does that work I'm your husband!
Geno: Your also a idiot! Go to your room!
Reaper: But-- it's your room too...that's not really a punishment if I get to be with you--
Geno: I will sleep on the couch! GO TO YOUR ROOM DEATH! *

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*she looks shocked blushing slightly confused by this* Uh..You okay..?

ToxinTale’s Profile PhotoAllura
*Reaper then slightly shakes his skull no and sinks his skull down into @DontcallmeSans *
..I know I'm literal Death..but.. I'm no Hades.. I wouldn't t0rture the dead like he does..*he then starts whining- probably confusing poor Allura more* ...what was that about Nightmare..?
*he overheard some of what her and Geno talked about*
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*allura knocks on the front door before entering placing a bag of Grillbys food by Reaper and Geno* Been a while huh?

ToxinTale’s Profile PhotoAllura
*Aw**Allura is always a cinnamon roll-
Allura: OH YEAH!? -proves me wrong by getting drunk WHYY SMOL WHHYYY--*
*But in all seriousness Allura getting to see Reapers cinnamon roll side might get her to see why Geno loves the idiot-*
*The Death God is nuzzled into @DontcallmeSans with a big sad lone eye staring at Allura with tears draining from the socket*
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I woke up just in time to hear you talking horribly about yourself

DontcallmeSans’s Profile PhotoGeno
..Heh..it's not easy finding good things in Death.. *Reaper then grips onto Genos hoodie* ..but..one good thing about it..is meeting you..

Fuck off anons, I love him regardless

DontcallmeSans’s Profile PhotoGeno
*Reapers hood makes a little heart shape at that*
..You..love Death? ..You really are a masochist..~

*Geno just hugs him cause he knows Reaper needs it*

DontcallmeSans’s Profile PhotoGeno
*Reaper then buries his skull into Geno and lays against the Tsun, he always felt better when Geno was beside him* ..W-when...when did you get up..? ..

https://ask.fm/GrimReapings/answers/174136580542 *Geno just elbows Reaper* Don't talk like that, I wouldn't trade my life with you for anything, so stop self deprecating, you dork

DontcallmeSans’s Profile PhotoGeno
*Aw**Reaper then slowly turns to look back at the Tsun with tears pouring from his eye sockets*.. G-G..
Geno..? *after hearing what Geno had to say, he went from crying to sobbing and holds his arms out for a hug*

I'd rather not tango with the devil so...Nope! *the kitten runs away trying to jump out the window he left open lol*

RomeoKit’s Profile PhotoRomeo
*Ouch XD Reaper got called literal Satan*
*That actually hurt his feelings a bit- even if he doesn't show it- the cat is lucky @DontcallmeSans is asleep beside the God or he would of lunged after him- IV or no IV*
..I've been called a lot of things in my time..but that's a new one.. ..
..Am I as bad as Hades..? ..

We've been over this, if there isn't any creativity I cease to exist. If new AUs stop coming into existence, I'm gone, and since I'm soulless I don't get an afterlife so excuse me for trying to maintain my continued existence

hewhocannotfeelcreates’s Profile PhotoInk
Ink..? H-how did you get here...? When..did you even get here? *Reaper was a bit startled when he heard Ink in the room*
And ya know..I don't gotta problem repeating myself..
Like I said before, there were better solutions instead of teaming up with X Gaster..

So what exactly was your plan provoking Shadow like that by threatening Vio. That's his equivalent of someone threatening Geno to your face!

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📬📬📬❄⚐ 👌☜ ☟⚐☠☜💧❄📬📬☜✞☜☼✡⚐☠☜ 🏱☼⚐👌✌👌☹✡ 🕈⚐🕆☹👎 👌☜ 👌☜❄❄☜☼ ⚐☞☞ 🕈✋❄☟⚐🕆❄ 🕆💧 ✌☼⚐🕆☠👎📬📬 ☝☜☠⚐ 🕈⚐🕆☹👎 👌☜ ☹✋✞✋☠☝ 🏱☜✌👍☜☞🕆☹☹✡ ✋☠ ❄☟☜ 👍☹✌💧💧✋👍 ❄✋💣☜☹✋☠☜📬📬✞✋⚐ 🕈⚐🕆☹👎 🏱☼⚐👌✌👌☹✡ 👌☜ ☹✋✞✋☠☝ 🏱☜✌👍☜☞🕆☹☹✡ ✋☠ ☟✡☼🕆☹☜ ❄⚐⚐📬📬 ❄☟☜☼☜🕯💧 ☠⚐ 🏱☹✌👍☜ ☞⚐☼ 👎✌☼😐☠☜💧💧 ✋☠ ❄☟☜ ☹✋☝☟❄📬📬 👌☜✋☠☝💧 ☹✋😐☜ 🕆💧 👎⚐☠🕯❄ 👌☜☹⚐☠☝ ☟☜☼☜📬📬 ❄☟☜ ⚐☠☹✡ 🏱🕆☼🏱⚐💧☜ 🕈☜ ☟✌✞☜ ✋💧 ❄⚐ 💣✌😐☜ ✡⚐🕆 ✌🏱🏱☼☜👍✋✌❄☜ ❄☟☜ ☹✋☝☟❄ 💣⚐☼☜📬📬
✌☞❄☜☼ ✌☹☹📬📬❄☟☜ 💧❄✌☼💧 👍✌☠❄ 💧☟✋☠☜ 🕈✋❄☟⚐🕆❄ ❄☟☜ 👎✌☼😐☠☜💧💧 👌☜☟✋☠👎 ❄☟☜💣📬📬
*Reaper actually starts tearing up and yanks down his hood over his skull, whatever was said, really seemed to upset him*
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Cause I'm cute..? I'm just a kitten you wouldn't k!ll me before I've spend any of my nine lives..Right? I know it's not good to steal but I'm much to young to do much else..I'm a stray and orphan no one is taking care of me but myself..*he looks scared when Reaper glares at him aw..*

RomeoKit’s Profile PhotoRomeo
*Reaper just sighs and stops glaring at the cat* Your lucky I'm not supposed to reap anyone before their time is up..
Look kiddo..ya could try asking first before ya just take stuff..or do what I do and scare people into giving ya stuff, but if ya try that on me, you'll end up in a early grave, so don't think about it, I'm not supposed to reap Souls before their time but I've been known to break the rules here and there
*He gives the best advice- I'm being sarcastic-*
..I'd be willing to overlook the whole "stealing from Death" under one condition..you now owe Death a apology and a favor~ *Romeo: yeaaah uh -leaps off cliff xD- GOODBYE CRUEL WORLD!*
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Uh... No well other than the kitchen I've been stealing food.. I'm looking for the blue bunny.. She has something to do with my parents disappearance.*he still didn't say his name*

RomeoKit’s Profile PhotoRomeo
..Uhh..you just told Death you stole from him..ya know, I could reap your Soul for that..*Reaper gives a slight glare at the cat* and as for the bunny your looking for, why should I tell ya where she is after ya stole from us?
*If Raven steps out of his room and goes downstairs he'll die xD Geno.exe crashes*
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I already threatened to gut that cat once after Raven went into anaphylaxis

DontcallmeSans’s Profile PhotoGeno
..He's the one that caused Raven to end up in the hospital? *Reaper blinks- a rabbit almost took out his husbando and a cat almost took out his kiddo- I can see why Geno would be on edge*
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Umm Mr.. Did you see the bunny..? I've been waiting patiently..*the kitten looks nervous*

RomeoKit’s Profile PhotoRomeo
*R.I.P Romeo xD*
..Were you seriously waiting this whole time for me to wake up so you could ask about a bunny?
..Who are you anyway...?
..and uh..ya didn't go anywhere else in the house though, did ya? We kinda have a kiddo that's allergic to cats--
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