If you lose him I will raze this entire place to the ground *Geno's voice is a low growl, even as bandaged as he is his eye catches ablaze in red and blue, he means his threat*

*Though given how the doctors put him in a bunch of casts and bandages, they aren't afraid of Geno right now*
Dr: You dont have to get upset I think he should be okay for now, he's starting to wake back up
*Though once Reaper does wake back up, he doesn't look anywhere near okay like the doctor said, he could barely even keep his eyes open*... ..G..G...Ge-Gen..Geno..? ..
Dr: See he's awake now *they turn their attention to Reaper* Geno is the dead skeleton next to you isn't he?
R: ...D-d.. de...d-dead..!?
+6 answers in: “Only when I know you won't dust on me *Geno presses the call button knowing doctors will likely freak out at the fact he got out of his bandages and casts and is fairly blood soaked, but now that Reaper's awake he needs treatment*”