*the bone despawns and Geno leans against a wall just glaring at the doctors*

*Is it weird I think it's adorable they love eachother so much that they would both burn down a hospital if the other dusted XD*
*The doctors noticed Geno glaring at them and begin trying to save Reaper, they knew if they don't get him at least stable Genos probably doing to dust them, the smol Tsundere wasn't about to lose his Yandere**It took them a while but luckily they did manage to get Reaper stable, scaring the sh-t out of the doctors seemed to work*
+6 answers in: “Only when I know you won't dust on me *Geno presses the call button knowing doctors will likely freak out at the fact he got out of his bandages and casts and is fairly blood soaked, but now that Reaper's awake he needs treatment*”

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